Do you want to reach a new level for your photography business? Do you want to attract more ideal clients and raise your prices?


I'm here to help you. It took me 5 years to reach the level I'm at - travelling all around Europe for weddings and couple sessions, enjoying time with my clients and providing value for them. 

I am super excited to share my knowledge and experience with other photographers through my mentorship!


I am all about creating a safe space for us and providing open communication, that hopefully gives you inspiration and new knowledge to reach greater heights and charge more for what you do!

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your photography business?


- 2 hours discussion about everything you want to know about photography - all your questions will be answered and all the topics covered


- Analysis of your portfolio

250 €



- 2 hours discussion about everything you want to know about photography - all your questions will be answered and all the topics covered


- Analysis of your portfolio


- Access to "second photographers" WhatsApp group - my clients frequently ask me to bring a second photographer for a wedding so I want to create my team of photographers that I can hang out together on weddings!


PRACTICAL PART: Shoot together


- I will organise a shoot for you to enhance your portfolio.

The concept of photoshop is at your choice: bridal editorial, engagement, lovestory or portrait

You will see how I direct a couple and I'll give you some tips on this. Then you will be directing yourself and get all the juicy new photos into your portfolio that will sell your services!

500 €



- YOUR CREATIVITY: ideas, moodboard, composition and techniques to enhance your photos

- YOUR STYLE: values and feelings behind your photography, your equipment, editing workflow 
- MARKETING: finding your ideal client, your portfolio, social media, your website, personal brand, networking
- CLIENT EXPERIENCE: communication with your clients, how to bring value and exceed their expectations, posing 
- YOUR BUSINESS: CRM, how to price yourself, contracts, Pricing guides




Wedding Photographer, 2 months experience

« After a consultation with you, I gained so much confidence, you helped me to look in the right direction. The most important thing that I realized is that if you can set a goal for your pricing, you can achieve it easily knowing all the tools for it. 
Before I didn’t charge much, but after we discussed different strategies of pricing, I feel confident to raise my prices and value my work more.

Shooting with you also helped me to understand how to direct a couple and how to make them feel at ease »


Wedding photographer, 1 year experience 

« I'm so grateful to be mentored by you. You have an incredible energy and heart, ready to share and give value. You answered all my questions and now I have a clear idea in mind what steps should I take to be where I want and achieve my goals. All the information was very structured and I really appreciate it.

Next time I'm coming to Barcelona to have an offline mentorship with you!» 


Wedding photographer, 2 years experience

« Thank you so much, Kristina!
I definitely got what I wanted - a much needed perspective from the outside, useful information and just some confidence that I'm moving in the right direction
I liked that there was no teacher / student atmosphere, we communicated on an equal basis and exchanged energy so well. 
It’s good that there is an opportunity for offline mentorship, in which you could adapt to me and the level I'm at and give me the specific information that I needed
And the practical part was just great! I learned so much from you - seeing how you communicate with the couple, I immediately understood what I lack in my work »

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