Hi, I am Kristina!

 A creative soul with a love for romance

I'm also a full-time wedding and couple photographer based in Barcelona, Spain.  


I like white wine and deep late-night conversations,

watching warm-hearted movies while cuddling with my fiance, and listening to The Lumineers while we go on a road trip to the mountains of Catalonia. And all the little moments in-between: cooking pasta, learning Spanish, enjoying sunsets.


My photography style is both artistic and documentary

focusing on capturing all your priceless moments together -

the way you kiss, the way you touch and the way you love each other.




 Timeless. Emotional. Authentic


Every person is a work of art.


Recent Stories

Jose + Natalia
Karen + Jose

Indie + Berty

 Sincerity, tenderness, warmth and emotion are what is important in my photography. I want to capture all your touches, hugs, your joyful smiles and laughter."


« Dear Kristina,

Just received the pictures and we loved it soooooo much!!!

Thank you so much, really enjoyed the time we have been shooting together and you are really talent in this.

We hope you the best and wish you come to Taiwan next time!»


« The photos are so beautiful!!

It seems like i go back to my wedding day and feel all these emotions and happiness again.

Thank you for your professionalism and for being able to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera.

It was our first experience being on the photoshoot. We laughed all the time - you somehow magically affect people, even my husband felt super comfortable and happy  (though he hates taking photos so much ><).

We will definitely contact you again and again!»


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